About Us


            We are located in Peoria, Illinois.  Specialize in designing concrete in various colors, flakes, and design shapes.  Our most popular floor is the elegant metallic marble.  You could never go wrong in upgrading your present floor and increasing the value of your home or business.  The Tuscan, Ashlar slate, Venetian, Faux Rustic hardwood and various tile designs are often requested.  The graniflex or color flake systems are highly desired for pools or garages.  It can be used inside or outside your home.  The flake sizes varied from 1/32" to 1/4".  Concrete To Perfection uses the best reliable product in the industry.

            All floors will be tested to make sure the products we use are compatible to the concrete.  If your concrete floor passes the moisture test, then preparations to the concrete will begin.  The completion from start to finish will normally take five-days; however, complex designs could take longer.  All cracks will be repaired prior to all projects.  Grinding, shot blast, or both could be used to get the desired preparation for the products.  However, other industry techniques

could be used to prepare the concrete such as, acid etching and pressure washing. 

            In addition, we service walkways and driveways by cleaning the surface, then applying sealant.  Our company provides an annual maintenance that will help maintain a total seal to your concrete.  We suggest a two or three year annual maintenance plan after the initial seal to ensure the concrete maintains its seal.

             Other home improvements we provide are counter-top designing, ceiling & step tile install, interior painting, & some crown molding install.

             We cover residential, institutional, commercial, or industrial concrete floors.  Some of the properties are; driveways, walkways, warehouses, patios, garages, basements, pool decks, offices buildings, schools, grocery stores, airplane hangars, airports, fire departments, churches, civic centers, restaurants, bathrooms, service station, car dealership, hospitals, park pavilions, club house, court houses, post offices, truck stops, rest stops, locker rooms, bowling alleys, & shops.

            Our company takes great respect in caring for each customer.  We provide excellent customer service & help assist the customers in making the best decisions for their new improvements.  On each job

site we will clean and dispose of all debris.  

            Concrete To Perfection is grateful to provide you with great experience in enhancing your concrete.  Enjoy the transformation of your concrete to perfection.